MI40X – Ben Pakulski’s Musle Building Program

MI40X – Ben Pakulski’s Musle Building Program

Ben Pakulski’s MI40x Body Building Workouts

Ben Pakulski is known to be one of the biggest names in body building and he has released the MI40X program to help people build muscle and get lean and ripped. We go into detail here and let you in on the secrets of this highly successful workout series to make sure you know ahead of time if this program is for you and something you can handle.

Who is MI40X for?

People of all ages, men and women too, can follow the workout program. While most of the exercises are geared toward intermediates and above, both beginners, and intermediates can gain a lot from following the 16 week plan. Experts can also get great information out of the program too where you can learn to avoid common workout mistakes like form and how to actually control weights.

MI40x is not for the light hearted though as most of the workouts can last an hour or more and the nutrition program is tight and allows little to no deviation whatsoever. You will be best served if you have access to a full gym, but home goers can get through the workouts given a set of adjustable dumbells and a chin-up bar. I must say though, this is a go big or go home type program where you will get the best results by lifting heavy.

Therefore, dumbells will only get you so far.

Where To learn more?

Austinemerging.com has a highly comprehensive review article of MI40x where they go into pretty granular levels of detail and they leave no stone uncovered to make sure that readers and possible followers of the workout have all the information needed before they lighten their wallets and take the plunge. That said, there are mostly positive things to say about MI40x out there and if you are looking to build muscle and get serious about being strong and looking good you don’t want to miss out on what this program delivers.