Old School New Body Home Workout Program

Old School New Body Home Workout Program

Old School New Body Details

What exactly is Old School New Body? We get that question quite often and people want to know if the program is suitable for women. Before we get into that though let’s take a look at the program itself.

The workout program is designed to be done at home and is the creation of fitness expert and editor in chief at Ironman Magazine, Steve Holman. Now before you get worked up and think that you were hoping to find a fitness program for women and designed by women, there is something of note here. This course was co-authored by Steve;s wife, Becky Holman.

So it definitely suites women as well. If you find pictures of Becky you will be surprised to learn that she is in her 50s and she is in better shape than most people who are 20 to 30 years younger.

Does The Program Really Make You Look and Feel Younger?

The short answer is yes, “it can”. These results however, are based on what effort you put into the program. Like any fitness programs out there, Old School New Body has a very specific plan that you should follow to get the best results you could hope for.

Fortunately, the workouts in this program require very little time investment from you and you don’t need a pile of equipment let alone a gym membership. The workout are placed into 3 different programs that are either stand alone or can be done in sequence one after another. This makes the program very flexible and its a low drag affair too!

Meaning that the exercises and course material is easy to follow and consume. This is important to anyone looking to jump right in and make the most of the new year. More can be found at highinensityworkouts.org – Old School New Body review. Be sure to check it out for FULL details.